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The Abandoned Sawmill is a level 38-40 outdoor dungeon in Act III of Torchlight II, located in the Blightbogs, and accessible after completing the quest Some Assembly Required and accepting the following quest The Cave-In. It is infested with Werewolves and the Undead. The player must venture into the Sawmill to recover Dynamite to blast open the Scrapworks. You must venture through the Sawmill, defeat the Grizzled Alpha and obtain the Dynamite to complete the quest.

Secret Area (Robot Parts Quest)[]

There is a secret area in the Abandoned Sawmill that can be accessed after unpinning four skeletons that have been pinned to posts etc by axes. Inside this secret area is a chest and the Robot Torso.

Lost Notes[]

Lost Notes.jpg

Lost Notes written by the previous inhabitants can be found in various locations throughout the Abandoned Sawmill describing the dark events that led to its abandonment.

Day One[]

We are in mourning today - Sophia was found dead. I can't bring myself to describe the state her body was found in - as ruined as the flesh of the other poor souls discovered last week. If Foreman Siegfried won't organize a hunting party to find the perpetrator, we'll have to do it ourselves. We are afraid to leave our cabins when night falls...

- Cameron

Day Two[]

Two entire families have gone missing - the Rourkes and the Sammay clan. There were strong and capable men among them, and their homes showed signs of a vicious struggle. The total count of dead and missing has risen to sixteen.

The wolves in the area are showing a peculiar aggression, snarling and slinking outside the stockade walls - they seem to smell the fear here.

- Cameron

Day Three[]

They are Werewolves - Sarah spotted one vaulting the stockade as easily as though it were a garden gate. There are over thirty souls lost now, and we have sent for help. We can only pray that aid returns in time. The howls are rising now, even before sunset.

Tomorrow, I may take as many folk as will join me and attempt to make an escape. Guardians be with us.

- Cameron

Day Four[]

Cameron is dead - I found this journal amongst his belongings. There are only a handful of us left now, barricaded in the cellar. We must leave this place, for we cannot outlast them.

When Cameron made to leave, Foreman Siegfried ... transformed ... into one of those beasts, right in front of us! He tore them to pieces in his rage. His bloodthirst slaked, he left the camp, but we are sure that he will return.

We may not see another dawn.

- Sarah

Day Five[]

This is my last journal entry. There are only three of us left now, and we have a few hours of sunlight before dusk. The sounds of the wolves are everywhere. We will try for the gates, but we do not have much hope.

If anyone finds this, it is likely that you are as doomed as we. Leave at once, if you can. Guardians protect us.

- Sarah, Tat and Birram

Judging by the three skeletons next to the note for day five, it appears that Sarah, Tat and Birram didn't make it out alive.


  • Werewolf (40)
  • Headless Axeman (40)
  • Corpsefire Huntsman (40)
  • Corpsefire Skeleton (40)
  • Corpsefire Direwolf (40)
  • Mimic (40)


Undur'roth (40) - Werewolf-type - Leap Attack, Leaps Back, Knockback Slash, Hurls Boulders

Boss: Grizzled Alpha[]

The Grizzled Alpha is a huge Werewolf found at the end of the Sawmill (after the teleport pad), who summons Direwolf and Werewolf allies to attack you. During the first playthrough, the Grizzled Alpha is level 40.

Notable Drops[]

The Grizzled Alpha has a chance of dropping the The Eye of the Grizzled Alpha, a level 39 Unique Gem which requires a level 31 item and grants +12 to Strength if placed in armor or trinkets, and grants 25 health steal if placed in a weapon. He does not automatically drop a Unique item.

The Axe of Throwing is a Rare level 40 axe (requires level 46 or STR 95 & DEX 42) that can be found in one of the chests after defeating The Grizzled Alpha. It has a 100% chance to cast Throwing Axe and has the flavor text "Born to fly!", much like Unique and Legendary items do.

Dungeon Resets[]

Completing the Abandoned Sawmill for the first time resets the Rotting Crypt (38-40) and the Fungal Caves.

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