Alchemist Destroyer Vanquisher
Arcane Berserker Marksman
Lore Titan Rogue
Battle Spectral Arbiter

Niveau requis Compétence Symbole Description
1 Soul Rend A powerful phantasmal blade cleaves you foes.
5 Titan Stomp Blasts all nearby foes with a shockwave that damages and knocks them back.
5 Martial Weapons Expertise Mastery of Swords, Axes, Maces, and Polearms.
  • Passif
10 Defensive Spell Mastery Increases the level of all Defensive Magic Spells. Spells can be found or bought, and fall under the Spells tab in your inventory.
  • Passif
10 Doomquake Strike the ground, sending burning cracks outward to pierce your foes.
10 Ranged Weapons Expertise Mastery of Bows, Pistols, Crossbows and Rifles.
  • Passif
15 Frost Shield A protective shield absorbs physical and elemental damage, and freezes foes who strike it.
20 Barter Reduces the purchase prices at Merchants, Enchanters, and Gamblers. Improves the sale prices of your own goods.
  • Passif
20 Block and Parry Increases the chance to block, either with or without a shield.
  • Passif
25 Seismic Burst A burst of energy crackles along the ground, flinging enemies from its path.