Alchemist Destroyer Vanquisher
Arcane Berserker Marksman
Lore Titan Rogue
Battle Spectral Arbiter

Niveau requis Compétence Symbole Description
1 Ricochet Fire a ricocheting projectile from the active ranged weapon.
1 Ranged Weapons Expertise Mastery of Bows, Pistols, Crossbows and Rifles.
  • Passif
5 Frost Pilum Fire a piercing Ice projectile from a ranged weapon.
5 Critical Strikes Increases the chance and improves the damage of all critical strikes.
  • Passif
10 Adventurer Improves the potency of potions, increases the rate of Experience and Fame gain, and reduces resurrection penalties.
  • Passif
10 Offensive Spell Mastery Increases the level of all Offensive Magic spells. Spells can be found or bought, and fall under the Spells tab in your inventory.
  • Passif
10 Seeking Shot Fires 3 projectiles that seek out nearby foes.
15 Explosive Shot Fires a projectile from any equipped ranged weapon that detonates on impact, dealing damage to foes within {4.5} meters.

20 Block and Parry Increases the chance to block, either with or without a shield.
  • Passif
25 Arrow Hail Call forth a hail of arrows to pierce your foes.